Thursday, March 31, 2011

[VID] SeungHo at Lotte Event (fancam part 2) - 26th March 2011

credit: as tagged on the vid ( Adagio Cantabile ) + yangleadho @ YT

Hannah's comment: I saw this last forgot to post it here...btw guys...OMG YSH is so ......... I dont know...he is so...*speechless* LOL xD

[VID] MBLAQ Sesame Player Episode 4

credit: MblaqKor @ YT

Hannah's comment: I just wish I understand what are they talking about...btw did YSH said he like someone??? *run away and cry...LOL xD*

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[PIC] SeungHo at Sesame Player Episode 4 Preview

credit: bestiz + MblaqKor

Hannah's comment: there's others pix but I bet everyone already see...I only share YSH's here...btw they are promoting BLAQ Style 3D Edition this time..Love it~~ havent got mine actually hehe...nyways looking forward for episode 4..oh yeah its tomorrow ;D

[CYWORLD] Seungho’s diary entry - 30th March 2011

2011.03.30 수 01:34
하루일과 끝 기대하시라… ㄱㅂㅂㄷ ㅍㅇㄴ

2011.03.30 Wednesday 01:34
Look foward to the day’s work and end… ㄱㅂㅂㄷ ㅍㅇㄴ

T/N (Choi_Yoori): Bestiz suspects that “ㄱㅂㅂㄷ ㅍㅇㄴ” stands for “개봉박두 피아노”. Based on his previous diary entry, he could be talking about the piano version for ‘Again’.

TRANSLATION: mir-ified @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
ABM blog post by liliceprincess @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's Comment: comeback?? wowwwww Hannah is excited :)


[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ in WPK Magazine -Translation

For the magazine scans go HERE
With lots of anticipation MBLAQ “The last K-POP Monster” will debut in Japan in May.

This time we will be focusing on their first full length album “BLAQ Style” that is release in Korea in this interview. I can feel the enthusiasm between the 5 members towards their activities in Japan.

1. This album is one that has high degree of completion. From the title of the album, we could feel that it means “MBLAQ’s Style!” With these, can you explain to us roughly what the style is? (I could feel the strong will of competing in the music industry. You put in lots of effort in producing it right?)
Seungho: As long as you listen to the songs in the album, you will be able to feel what we want to express in the album. It is the style that only MBLAQ has.
G.O: Recent singles that are release tracks are very ordinary and sparse, so we wish to produce an album with high quality and also it must worth the price.
Joon: In general, we can release a new song in a month; however, we stopped all of our other activities to concentrate on this album.
Cheondoong: I want to thank the company for heeding our advice, spending lots of time to complete this album carefully.
Mir: I’m also involved in writing the lyrics, and also have a collection of our own composition, I think this is an album that show MBLAQ’s members’ styles.

2. Within the whole album, the electric music element is very strong, bringing music video feeling together. Is it because you wanted to have all the same music element that is why you remix “Oh Yeah and “Y”? (Is it that you fear the original song will not be compatible with the album’s style hence you didn’t include them in?)
Seungho: Because everyone know the original version of “Oh Yeah” and “Y”, hence we would like everyone to listen to something refreshing.
G.O: Because we wanted to bring a new feel to everyone from our past songs, hence we do a remix with them.
Cheondoong: We wanted to bring in new different performance and that is remix versions.

3. Title song “Stay” is also a very aggressive song, what is your first impression after listening to it? What kind of charisma does it contain?
Joon: “Stay” is a song that is a little different from our other songs that we have before. Compared to “Oh Yeah” and “Y”, it is more appealing.
Mir: Singers always are troubled about how to show a better performance to everyone, we met this song when facing this problem. I think it really suits the style of a Korean Idol and the dance move.

4. G.O composed “Unable to Return” in the Repackage album; you have interacted with Rado who composed “Stay”, to MBLAQ, what does the existence of Rado meant to you?
G.O: I felt really thankful to be able to work with such a good composer. Because he is really busy, he also spent lots of time for us. I would like to work with him again next time.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[TWITTER] SeungHo's tweet - 29th March 2011

"We are filming sesame player now"
credit trans to ABMTWEETS's twitter

Hannah's Comment: I choke when I saw YSH's tweet..LOL I was eating at that time..haha...btw I wish YSH will tweet a selca of his gorgeous self :)

[INTERVIEW] SeungHo in Korean Wave TOP Magazine -Translation

Q: You are going to debut in Japan! How are you feeling now?
Because it’s a new beginning, I felt really nervous and excited.

Q: Towards your Japan debut, you must have learnt some Japanese, what is the sentence that you memorized recently?
It’s “Let’s meet again next time”. Japanese is different from Korean; there isn’t any point where we should pause, hence I don’t really know when and where to change my breath. I had a hard time breathing… (chuckles).

Q: Please tell us a little interesting things that happen during the recording for your Japanese debut tracks.
Because the pronunciations are really difficult hence we had a hard time with the recordings. Although there is an area, however, we had practiced countless times on this area.

Q: Did Rain give you guys any suggestions towards your debut?
He told us to “not forget the beginning heart to become a singer”

Q: If your activities in Japan increases, you will get a chance to meet with Japanese singers, do you have any Japanese singer that you with to collaborate with?

Q: What are the things you wanted to do in Japan?
I would like to go shopping at the biggest electric goods store!

Q: What is MBLAQ’s marketing point?
The straightforward side that only belongs to MBLAQ.

Q: Please tell us the places where members are respectable.
Because every member have their own style, so respect the styles of each member.

Q: What is the turning point in life?
Previously has been specializing in acting, however because I like singing and dancing, I wish to become a singer when I was 22 years old, this is my turning point.

Q: When was your happy moment?
I always felt happy when I stand on the stage.

Q: What is the thing that you must do before you sleep?
Listening to music while reading magazines about machinery, then surfing the internet before I went to bed.

Q: What are you enthusiastic towards recently?
Recently I have been very enthusiastic towards learning Japanese and piano.

Q: Have you ever dream about your future look?
Being recognized as a singer, I would like to become a producer in the future.

Q: If you are only given a wish, what will you wish for?
MBLAQ to be recognized by the world.

Q: Say something to your fans in Japan.
MBLAQ is finally going to debut in Japan. No matter how much we say it is still not as good as compared to showing our best side on stage, we will work hard! Please support us!

Source: Korean Wave T.O.P magazine
Chinese Translation: MBLAQ China
English Translation/Reuploaded: 기적♥

Hannah's Comment: LOL YSH you're forever electronic/gadget freak..haha I would love to go shopping at that electronic store with you..lets go there together :) 

[CYWORLD] Seungho’s diary entry - 28th March 2011

"다시 피아노"

"Again Piano"

TRANSLATION: Choi Yoori @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's comment: what a short should just tweet that YSH...btw does he mean "Piano again" or "Again Piano"??? me both give different meaning...ok maybe its just me...Im no good at explaining..keke

[SCANS] SeungHo in Korean Wave TOP (Japanese)

credit: MMMA + AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's comment: Yang Tweety~~  Yang Tweety~~~ Oh Yang Tweety~~~~ waeee you so hot?? I need this picture...ksdhkjhadsk please release only the pictureeee...preetyy pleaseee

[SCANS] MBLAQ in ViVi Magazine (Japanese)

credit: MMMA + AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's Comment: I know its the same photoshoot..but I just cant stop saying that the BLAQies is SO OMG HOT!!

[SCANS] MBLAQ in WPK Magazine

credit: Grey With Joon + AbsoluteMBLAQ

 Hannah's comment: BLAQies the Hotties..

[SCANS] MBLAQ in K-BOOM Magazine

credit: Grey With Joon + AbsoluteMBLAQ


credit: Grey With Joon + AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's comment: just realise that YSH is shorter than my Junsuii who is 178cm...keke I would love to see YSH and XJS to stand next to each other...OMG haskjdhaskdhkas I'll be forever happy looking at my 2 love..btw YSH please Join FC Men along with Beast Kikwang and DooJoon *random alert*


credit: as tagged + bestiz + AbsoluteMBLAQ + fuckyeahmblaq @ tumblr

Hannah's comment: first pix...Yang Tweety jumping is so kasjdhkjashkdhas keke

Monday, March 28, 2011

[PIC] SeungHo at Love Letter Studio

credit: Blog Naver + Absolute MBLAQ

[PIC] SeungHo at Lotte World Event (Part 5) - 26th March 2011

credit: as tagged ( ALLBLAQ + The Real + SHui (MR2) + GO_to the sea_me? ) + fuckyeahmblaq @ tumblr

Hannah's comment: I love to see YSH' sweet face..smiling face...and looking fierce face...obviously I just love everything about him now ^^

[TWITTER] SeungHo is back tweeting after 31 days - 28th March 2011

he's back after 31 days!!!!

Our dorm air became brighter Thank you so much!!

credit trans to ABMTWEETS @ Twitter

Hannah's Comment: at the moment before I saw the tweet..I was singing my heart for him..hahaha and poof he tweeted...Im so happy that I cry and I think I almost break my braces..LMAO...but yaa its true...haha Im so so happy... 
btw I want to say thank you to this fan gifts..because of you YSH is back tweeting...hmm I think I should give him electronic stuffs so he will tweet it also...LOL

[VID] SeungHo at Let's Go Dream Team Preview

credit: MblaqKor @ YT

Hannah's comment: hehe I literally scream with YSH at 0:22...he's so cute!! looking forward for this show~

Sunday, March 27, 2011

[PIC] SeungHo at Lotte World Event (Part 4) - 26th March 2011

YSH You're my Definition of MR.PERFECT!
More Under the Cut~

[PIC] SeungHo outside KBS - 27th March 2011

credit: as tagged ( Woori Seungho )

Hannah's Comment: OMAIGHATTTT YSH SO HOT!!! I love the tshirt he's wearing...STUMBLE..I tot it was TUMBLR at first..base from the 3rd pix..lmaoooo

[PIC] SeungHo at Lotte World Event (Part 3) - 26th March 2011

Credit: as tagged ( POLARIS ) + AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's Comment: nice it..thanx to Polaris for all the amazing pictures of YSH...its AWESOME~