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[VID] MBLAQ Mona Lisa Performance on Music Core - 30th July 2011

credit: happyangelgrey @ YT

[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweet - 30th July 2011

Our leader-fan magnae’s “sock” fashion sense ..hoot

SOURCE: Seungho’s Twitter
TRANSLATION: SelahlovesJoon@AbsoluteMBLAQ

[AUDIO] MBLAQ - You & I ( with Translation )

credit: LoveKpopSubs6 @ YT

Hannah's comment: I totally love this song.. esp YSH English part.. "sometime in the morning, sometime in the everynight" hehe so cute!! btw to YSH.. You're our Sunshine :))) keke


-omit non Seungho related parts-

Pair talk of true feelings that is told for the first time PART 2

Seungho x Cheondung
The leader who supports MBLAQ and the cute younger brother of the maknae line. A precious age difference talk of the two who are intimate friends like brothers is realized!

----Where did you two meet for the first time? And what impression did you have?
Seungho I met him for the first time in the practice studio. We were already practicing, and Cheondung came for having his audition, but at that time I saw him in a flash and thought, "He's so young--"
Cheondung I saw Seungho hyung and thought he looked mature and is my senior, so at first I was afraid of him.

----Are you already not afraid of him now?
Cheondung As the impression at that time was strong I can't forget, but he's very kind!

----They were saying that in a previous interview Seungho lost in a bet with the members and became one-day only younger brother. How was it?
Seungho As I'm the eldest son even in my family, younger brother experience was fun. Of course I don't always get services from my younger brothers in the group, but doing it once in a while is fresh and it's a good thing.

----How is the assignment of bedrooms in your dorm?
Seungho Mir and I share a bedroom.
Cheondung As Mir and Seungho hyung are the only two who share a bedroom, all other members have their own bedroom.
Seungho As there are not 5 bedrooms, it was decided by rock-paper-scissors. However, we share a bedroom and got to use the biggest bedroom. so I don't even feel inconvenient.

----So if you consider each other as a family member, who do you think he will be?
Cheondung I think it'd be nice if Seungho hyung was my younger brother.
Seungho I want Cheondung to be my elder sister.

----Why do you think like that?
Cheondung Because I think if I was his younger brother, for sure I would be bullied (laugh). But I think if Seungho hyung was my younger brother, I'd want to protect him!
Seungho By all means I want you to protect me (laugh).

----Why did Seungho pick elder sister?
Seungho I only have younger brothers in my family and don't know what elder sister is. Even in private I don't have any girls older than me that I'm that close with, so I've been always thinking that I want an elder sister.
----So if you get married in the future, what kind of husband do you think you will be?
Seungho I want to be a young father!
Cheondung Seungho hyung even debuted late, so I think it's already impossible to be a young father! As for me I want to be a busy father.
Seungho Isn't it possible to be a busy father?

----So the last one. If you have to make each other happy, what do you want to do?
Seungho Frankly I want to bully him! I think he will be happy for sure (laugh).
Cheondung Then I'll have my revenge!
Seungho I'll refrain with all my effort!

Photoshoot Episodes

Seungho looked a bit tired. He and Cheondung were sitting in the sofa outside of the studio and having a box lunch amiably. They didn't have much conversation, but had a natural posture. That also brought about an atmosphere like brothers in a family.

G.O was very relaxed, and when he was bowing to the staff he was exactly like a capable business man. As if he liked the glasses used for the photoshoot, he also had a lovely side that was happy to have the photographer to take a picture for him with his own cellphone!

Joon arrived a step later than the other members. Since the moment he entered the studio, a gorgeously bright aura had been floating in the air. When he was changing, for a moment the door of the waiting room was opened and the appearance of his naked upper body (was shown)! Those were the well-trained abs typical of Joon who loves sports.

Having a really natural posture, Cheondung appeared to be the type that he can't do things like fake smiling. When Cheondung was laughing, an expression of being happy from the bottom of his heart could be seen, and he had the charm of even making the people around him smile. The combination of him and Seungho is also the best!


[NEWS] Idols Stars who provide discipline to their groups

Best 5 Idol Stars who provide discipline to their groups :

1.UEE ( After School )
2.Jo Kwon ( 2am )
3.Seungho ( MBLAQ )
4.Jinon ( F.Cuz )
5.L ( Infinite )

Source: Youtube, Arirang

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[VID] MBLAQ Mona Lisa Performance on Music Bank - 29th July 2011

credit: UnknownCarrot170 @ YT

Hannah's comment: I LOVE their outfit today... <333

[SCANS] SeungHo poster on ODINA Magazine Vol.06

Credit ___mini

[TWITTER] Seungho's Tweet - 29th July 2011

I have lived to know
that the words such as "Sorry" and "Apologize" are used when you make some mistakes...^^
The Ban from now on! 

I should learn from him eh? I apologise even when it's not my fault ._.

[PIC] Seungho & Joon at Ten Ten Club Radio

Source: Ten Ten Club

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[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweet + Mir's Reply - 28th July 2011

Thank you all^^ Fighting !!!!
uhuhuhu…If you thank, please buy meals for me..Oppa..kyahulahallula~!!

SOURCE: Seungho’s Twitter

[VID] MBLAQ Mona Lisa Performance at MCountDown - 28th July 2011

credit: CrazyCarrotExtra2 @ YT

[SCANS] MBLAQ in ODINA Magazine Vol.06 - August 2011 Issue

credit: ____mini

Hannah's comment: that YSH solo shot is so so so so so GORGEOUS!! he's so perfect in my eyes *head over heels*

[PIC] SeungHo Pictures from MCountDown - 28th July 2011

credit: as tagged

Hannah's comment: the last pix is so cute!! creeper YSH!! hehe 87line <333

[PIC] SeungHo at Incheon Fansigning - 19th July 2011

[PIC] SeungHo at Ilsan Fansigning (Part 2) - 19th July 2011

credit: 승호인정

[TWITTER] Seungho's Tweet - 27th July 2011

The way to getting on the airplane after performance at the Jeju island..
I'm worrying that the damage is serious after I saw the photos...
Are you A+ fans all right?..

Today, there is serious damage by the heavy rain in KOREA.
I'm worrying about it...
Are you A+ fans all right??!

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[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweet - 26th July 2011

Wow, The Performance at the Ulsan is over!!!!!
Now, shung shung, Heading to Seoul, hehe

SOURCE: Seungho’s Twitter

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[PIC] DAUM official cafe Update MONA LISA Private Jacket Photo

source: MBLAQ’s Official Cafe
credit: BLAQer_1015

Hannah's comment: the first picture of YSH is so CUTE!!! :)))))


Main interview Part

3 keywords that we want to know at this moment

1. Fashion
On stage MBLAQ is in chic style a lot. This time we decided on a refreshing style. So far the outfit that is impressive is……!?

-Today you wear clothes in marine style. What kind of clothes do you usually wear?
G.O: I mostly wear dark colors, so wearing something like my appearance today for the first time is fresh. The atmosphere of the photoshooting studio is cheerful, and I think good pictures will come out.

-I think you’ve worn various outfits so far. What is your memorable outfit?
Cheondung: The outfit of our debut song “Oh Yeah” is somewhat embarrassing. It exactly fits my body and there is also a lot of exposure. At that time as debuting suddenly I was not able to get prepared, but if it was now I think in the opposite I would boldly wear it (laugh).
Joon: For me it’s the “G.O.O.D LUV” outfit. It’s different from the chic clothes we’ve had so far and gives a bit of sweet impression. Things like a scarf around the neck were fresh. However, I also felt that I didn’t get used to it a little and was embarrassed probably.

-Now since Joon brought up the word “chic,” all of you of MBLAQ have transformed from chic-dols to idols with charming honesty lately. Was there an occasion that started it?
G.O: We usually feel happy and act stupid. Those scenes just came out as they are. As always we don’t change at all. We are happy if people love us as we are like that also from now on.

2. View of Love
We try to ask them, who have talks of love without concealing on Korean TV programs and interviews, for more details about love!

-All members are Type A. Are there times when you think, “I’m Type A–” yourselves?
(They are all looking at each other and asking who should talk)
Seungho: Right now, at this moment. I think that I’m Type A when I have this reserved feeling (laugh).
G.O: And it’s not limited to blood types. We become sensitive when we are doing this job.

-Are you sensitive in love as well?
Seungho: Yes!
Joon: I’m not too sensitive.
G.O: Normal level.
Cheondung: I pursue perfection!

-If you have to illustrate your own love as “OO style” what is it? You may make it up yourself.
Seungho: Well, maybe “carnivorous style.” It’s simply because it’s not herbivorous* style!
Joon: For me it’s decisively “happy style”!
G.O: I aim at perfection, so it’s “perfect guy style.”
Cheondung: (in a feeble voice) Maybe alien style…… because I don’t know what to do……

-Some girls might fall into you.
Cheondung: (Smile embarrassingly)

-Are you diligent* when you have a girlfriend?
Seungho: Yes.
Joon: Now people use smartphones, so maybe couples in Korea don’t send emails and they contact through apps more.
Cheondung: I think I’m the type that does not send emails a lot. Though I want to call her a lot instead……

—-How frequent is ideal to contact?
Joon: It can’t be counted already.
G.O: 2 hundred million times!!
Joon: Yes, that’s right. For 2 hundred million times!
Cheondung: (While being embarrassed)………

3. OFF in Japan
Although they are busy during their visits in Japan, they fully enjoy it each time. Where do they go……? Introduce their ways of spending time that shows their personality!

-You’ve been staying in Japan for quite a long time during promotion. Were there any interesting episodes?
G.O: Seungho and I went to Akihabara. We wanted to check out things such as electronics.
When we were walking we thought there are a lot of things we want to buy–. In the end we bought an iPad case. Mine is black and Seungho’s is transparent.

-What were you two doing at that time?
Joon: Actually being a bit tired we ordered room service and ate in our room.
Cheondung: We ordered steak and fried seafood, but it was totally not enough and by adding more and more we ordered a lot.
Joon: Because the bread was also small, somehow my stomach got smaller (laugh). We will go out more from now on and want to know Japan.

-Finally please leave a message to your fans in Japan.
Seungho: When this magazine is out, we will also settle down to our activities in Korea, and I think maybe we can’t come to Japan again. Please support us from now on also.

*Note: Here “diligent” means people who contact and email/text their girlfriends frequently.
*Note: In Japan, the “herbivorous style” refers to men who are not interested in sex. Read more here (by lucifer@Absolutemblaq)


Hannah's comment: I dont know what to comment on that particular answer of yours YSH.. LOL xDDD 

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[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ discusses their comeback, ideal types, and dating

The boys of MBLAQ recently sat down for an interview with Ilgan Sports in celebration of their “Mona Lisa” comeback.

Talking about their new album, scandals, and their ideal types, these boys shared a revealing interview that’s sure to delight their avid fans. Check it out below!

Q. “Why did you choose ‘Mona Lisa’ as your title track?”

Seungho: “We’ve received a lot of love up until this point, but I knew that we didn’t have that one special track that people thought of when they thought of MBLAQ. Our producers Ji In, Wontag, and Rado all sought to create a powerful image that would leave a lasting impression. During the process, we listened to a demo of ‘Mona Lisa’, and all of the members thought in unison, ‘This is it.’ Without hesitation, we chose it as our title track.”

Q. “What is the point of your choreography?”

G.O.: “Since our song is sexy, the choreography is passionate and masculine. The sexiest dance is the Tango, and we worked to incorporate moves that would fit with the sound of the Spanish guitar. There isn’t a name chosen for it yet, but we call it the ’swag dance’. I feel like it’ll be a hit.”

Q. “Lee Joon was swept in a scandal with 4minute’s HyunA right before the release of your new album.”

Lee Joon: “It wasn’t true, so I wasn’t too worried over it. If the rumor had an truth to it, I would’ve reacted in some way, but it wasn’t true so I just trusted that others wouldn’t believe it either. The members actually joked around and congratulated me, saying that it’s the first scandal of our team.”

Q. “On the topic of scandals, could you reveal any dating stories?”

Thunder: “People probably won’t believe us even if we say so, but none of us are dating. I know that none of the members are dating anyone. All five of us watch just watch DVDs at home. We’re always watching movies in our dorm, we’re about to become movie critics ourselves.”

Q. “What style do you prefer in women?”

Thunder: “I’ve already said this before, but I like cute styles, like the Wonder Girls‘ Sohee.”

Seungho: “Someone with refreshing looks and a Western body. I’d like her personality to be tomboy-ish. I also like the style of senior Son Dambi.”

Lee Joon: “I’d like someone who obsesses over me and treats me well. As opposed to physical looks, I prefer someone with a pure heart.”

G.O.: “Someone with an intelligent look and sharp eyes. If I had to choose, a face like Kim Yuna.”

Mir: “I like SNSD’s Taeyeon. Her bright laughter is very charming.”

Q. “You’re famous for being the group produced by world star Rain. Does he still train you strictly like when you were rookies?”

Lee Joon: “No, we often go out to watch movies and go bowling together, like a hyung. When we talk, he gives us a lot of advice that comes from experience. He’s always said to us, ‘Rehearse a lot. Do something new that others don’t do.’ He used to do ab check-ups, but he doesn’t do that anymore.”

Q. “Then what does Rain think about you dating?”

G.O.: “He said that he’d support us and even told us to date. I’m not sure what kind of response he’ll give when we actually get into a scandal, though.”

Q. “Are you close with girl groups? Do you have a lot of opportunities to meet?”

Seungho: “We all have busy schedules so it isn’t easy to meet. I’m close with f(x)’s Victoria and After School’s Jooyeon. We greet each other at broadcast halls and compliment each other’s stages.”

Q. “Do you have a lot of fans in their teens?”

Lee Joon: “We have fans in our teens, but I think we have more fans in their 20’s. I think it’s because we’re on the older end of idol groups. The nunas will gift us a lot of useful presents. Not only do we receive food, but things like air purifiers and car accessories, just things we need in our daily lives. We even received liquor for our birthday.”

Q. “Do you have a concluding statement for your album promotions?”

G.O.: “We’ve tried a lot of different albums to show off MBLAQ’s potential. We earned a lot, but there was also disappointment in that we didn’t have a color specific to us. Through this album, we hope to create a masculine image and show another side to our potential.”

Source + Photos: Ilgan Sports via Naver

[TWITTER] Seungho’s Tweet - 25th July 2011

So Happy “You & I”‘s History…

Note : This is a part of New Drama “Scent of a Woman” OST “YOU & I” lyrics (Seungho sings) 0:17 – 0:21 (neomu haengboghaeddeon neowanaui history)
MBLAQ did an OST for the new drama “Scent of a Woman”.

SOURCE: Seungho’s Twitter
YT Vid credit to blaqer1015A

Hannah's comment: so excited for this OST!! YSH voice sound so sweet...and and I can hear 'sunshine' in the lyrics.. yes YSH you are our Sunshine :))) 

[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ – Sia Magazine Interview

Group Interview
On the day of the interview, we had all the members except for Mir who couldn’t make it due to his rehab for his back injury.

- Japanese debut single “Your Luv” is totally different from songs performed in Korea.

SH: Yes. In Korea, our concept is “chic-dol”. So we represent image of cool and strong man who are hurt and takes a revenge. But in Japan, I’m not sure if it is because of nationality, bright and positive songs seems popular. So we decided to get along with the situation. This song has very straight and positive feeling for love, which is different from other songs, but we quite like it.

- And your Japanese pronunciation is amazing.

SH: We practiced a lot (in Japanese).
G: I became good at sound of “za ji zu ze zo”(in Japanese). The reason why we sing in Japanese is to make listeners to get lyrics meaning. So we think it is important to pronounce well.

- Do you have any favorite lines?

SH: “Meeting you who is irreplaceable~” (singing), I like all lyrics of the bridge. I like when G.O and I sing in turns.
G: (In Japanese), I like the part “I want to feel you close even at night I can’t sleep.” It is really nice if someone in love could say like this to his dear person.
J: I like meaning of “Kissing you and make your words not to interrupt”.
CD: “Because I love you and I miss you~” is easy to pronounce, and also familiar to me because the theme song of an animation I watched had similar lyrics.

- Which is?

CD: “Hitman Reborn”! LOL. I watch on line with subs.

- On the debut memorial event, many fans appreciated your fan service, it was really kind.

Everyone: Oh..(delighted)
J: I got lots of energy from meeting fans finally, who waited us for so long.
SH: Since fans give us lots of love and support, we have to pay them back when we can meet. We sometimes discuss with members about “what makes fans happy”.
G: For example, since it is first fan meeting in Japan, I prepared Japanese song to show our faith to Japan. (G.O sang “I Love You” of Ozaki Yutaka in Japanese at first fan meeting in May.)

CD: I’m doing twitter, but haven’t brought mobile phone with me now, so I have lack of communication with fans. I will get in touch more when my mobile is working, so please wait.

- By the way, when we visited you at M Countdown on SIA vol.1, you were rehearsing and discussing many times which was impressive.

SH: We are always like that. We monitor lighting, structure, our distance, choreo, and so on and make changes by ourselves with discussing.
G: We give ideas without hesitation when we rehearse, then…
SH: If we don’t get to the point, I will make decision on my right of leader. LOL
J: Yes, we obey!

- Your serious attitude is opposite from a funny image in variety shows.

G: Yes, I think gap of those two is our charm.
SH: We have many gaps (in Japanese).

- I heard Seungho and G.O visited Akihabara electric street.

SH: LOL. (In Japanese) We bought i-Pad case. I like mechanics, especially PC. I also like games but it is because I like touching mechanics not because of playing games.
J: Seungho can help anytime when I have trouble with mechanics.

- G.O has privately come to Japan before?

G: I’ve visited Osaka 3 or 4 years ago, and came after that with my friend. On the last visit, we had fun on the first day, but we kind of had a fight… So we just spent time separately. But my friend kept both of our passports, and I kept all our money. We were in trouble but couldn’t even call each other due to not having roaming service of our cell phones. I waited for him at the airport on the day we went back. We were able meet at the end and were able to come back. LOL.

- Joon, you said “I want to act in Japan” didn’t you?

J: Yes. But there is a language barrier, so I will start from studying Japanese so far. I’d rather watch Japanese movies than tv dramas. In case of dramas, I watched the one teacher appears.. what’s it called.. Ah! “Gokusen”! I want to take part in that kind of dramas as well. Japanese movie “Satirare” was fun too.

- Cheondung wrote some lyrics for “Your Luv”?

CD: I wrote English parts at intro and ending. It was difficult to give appropriate meaning in short sentences.

- You also compose songs. When and where do you compose?

CD: I compose in 5 to 10 minutes when I come up with ideas. I make rough structure with sequencer on pc, then arrange after that.

- Hope to listen to your works in Japan.

CD: Yes, I want to create a song for MBLAQ to sing in Japan!
G: I want to write Japanese song too, but for now, it is already challenging for us to sing different songs from Korea.
SH: I want to try new age music someday. It will be great if we could work together with Kuramoto Yuki (Japanese pianist who is also popular in Korea).
J: And our shared goal is to have a concert at Tokyo Dome. Of course it should be a solo concert of MBLAQ!

- Looking forward to it!

Mir’s Interview
In February, Mir had surgery for his injured back. He is getting better but still had to recover, so he could not come to Japan for this interview. But MBLAQ should be complete with 5 members… So, we went to Korea to see Mir and had a solo interview!

- How is your back recovering?

M: Sorry for making you worried. It’s much better now. But I still have to be careful not to work so hard.

- Since you came back to Korea, did you hear from the other members?

M: They’ve called me and sent me text like “How was the treatment?” or “Are you alright?” I’m very thankful. They told me not to work hard, so it made me want to get better soon and get back to complete MBLAQ with all 5 together.

- How did you feel about promoting in Japan?

M: I can say same thing to Korean, but the Japanese staff were really kind and treated us so well, it made us comfortable to work.

- What was your first impression of listening to “Your Luv”?

M: I thought it is great! Lyrics are really manly and direct, so didn’t feel quite different from our other songs.

- Did you have any difficulties with recording in Japanese or MV shooting?

M: Pronunciation was difficult. At MV shooting, staffs paid a lot of attention to my health, so it was not so hard.

- On the Japanese tv program “Made in BS Japan”, Seungho, G.O and Cheondung introduced you as “most popular member in Japan”. Do you think it is true?

M: Thank you very much. Actually, I am the best in Japan. LOL.

- You met a lots of fans at debut memorial event in Japan. What do fans mean to you?

M: We receive lots of love and support from them, and finally we are able to meet and pay them back. Hope we can meet up more often.

- How do you study Japanese?

M: I often watch animation and movies. I also look up the words in dictionary when I come up with. I want to be fluent in Japanese and want to be on variety shows in Japan.

- One of MBLAQ’s charm is the gaps. Do you have any?

M: To be honest, I am the most bad guy! Ha ha ha. LOL.

- Before we go, please give a message to Japanese fans.

M: I will always be hard-working Mir, so please give us your love and support.

Fanmeeting Event Interview
Report 1: High-five Event on 05/07 (Sat) at Akasaka BLITZ

This event had 2 gifts from MBLAQ. First, fans who bought tickets get to give high-fives to MBLAQ.
And ones who won the drawing raffle tickets got to see the premiere live. The live started at 7:30 p.m.

In loud screaming fans, 5 members came up to the stage and performed their Korean debut song “Oh Yeah”.
Joon looked so happy with his bright smile. When G.O waved his hand to the audience, everyone screamed.
Next song was “Stay”. Cheondung and Mir came up to the very end of the stage and excited fans.
Then they performed Japanese song “It’s Alright” and had short MC.
Seungho announced, “Our debut single “Your Luv” won a first place in the Oricon daily chart on May 4th.”
Fans (and Joon) clapped their hands and congratulated.
The last song was “Your Luv” with their elegant and stylish dance performance.
Each member left the stage saying “See you again” in Japanese.

Report 2: Japan Premiere – 1st Fan Event- on 05/26 (Thu) at ZEPP Tokyo

It was the first fan event of MBLAQ in Japan. Members came up to the stage in white outfits
and performed “Oh Yeah” and “Y”, then had a short talk unit.
MC asked about their impression of Japanese event they had in different places.
Mir answered “Tebasaki”, G.O follows “Takoyaki, Gyudon”, and Joon said “Katsu-curry”.
They just answered name of foods they liked. LOL.

Next they appear in black costumes and performed “Again”, “Stay” and so on then moved on to Q&A session.
Each members picked a question from fans which were collected in the box.
The question Cheondung picked was “What is the phrase that makes you flattered?”
His answer was “Did you eat? (with wry smile)”
Then G.O goes “Shall we eat together?” They just talk about meals again. LOL.

Topic moved to love confession phrase. Seungho said “Let’s go to the electric shop together” and made audience burst into laughter. The next stage we had were their solo performances!

G.O emotionally sang “I Love You” in Japanese. Seungho and Cheondung had a dance battle.
Joon picked a fan and bring her up to the stage and sang “Nothing Better” just for her.
(However, he found out this fan had a message board written “my prince G.O” which made audience laugh.)
Mir performed a rap after Joon.
At last they performed “Your Luv” and “One Better Day” and some other numbers.
Both members and fans were excited all together.

Source: HERE
Translation: yuka1226@AbsoluteMBLAQ

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[PIC] SeungHo at MTV Cyworld Music Festival - 23rd July 2011

credit:as tagged ( DAYPLAY + Seungho's + 승호인정 )

Hannah's comment: lovely pictures of our Mr.Sunshine YSH <3333