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[PIC] MBLAQ for Jenny House - 29th June 2011

credit: as tagged + Grey_With_Joon @ Twitter

Hannah's comment: YSH look gorgeous and smart with all black <333.. and btw for Mir and Joon new look.. its cool to me.. maybe look a little bit weird since its a fresh cut.. but still I LOVE it :)))

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[SCANS] MBLAQ in Korea Star Magazine

Hannah's comment: YSH your lips..your eyes... its..... *hehe dunno what else to say*

Sunday, June 26, 2011

[VID] MBLAQ Inkigayo Summer Special - Oh Yeah + Escape from City performance

credit: blaqer1015A @ YT

Hannah's comment: love them on the 2nd song.. the song is cheerful and they all look cute...but apparently the BLAQies look tired..SH looks tired..
lets pray for them to be healthy always :) 

[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweet - 26th June 2011

"when its raining and the music plays"

Credit Trans to MBLAQATTACK's Twitter

>>>>EDIT >>>>
Trans Via AbsoluteMBLAQ Update ( Translation by hoch337 in Nate )

*"When it rains and music flow"
Note: It is the beginning lyrics of song ” Like rain and music (by Kim Hyun Sik,1986)

Hannah's comment: base from the trans, the phrase sounds romantic to me..hmm and can be sad too.. hehe just saying.. 
Edit >>>
so its from lyrics eh..hehe no wonder its sound poetic..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ on PATi PATi Magazine July 2011 Issue

MBLAQ, who had performed their first concerts in five different places in Japan, had captured the hearts of the Japanese fans with their powerful vocal, dance, and performance, which were beyond expectation. Interview was done on only four members due to Mir’s injury. The fans in Osaka were like the ones in Korea because of their enthusiastic cheering.

-How was your debut tour?
Seungho: From the first day, the Osaka fans’ reactions were incredible. I was surprised by their overwhelming cheers, which reminded me of the Korean fans.
G.O: I visited Osaka 3~4years ago by myself, and it’s still the same, the fact that there are many delicious food (laughs). In all the places that we visited this time, I think that Osaka is the most similar to Korea. It’s not that Osaka was quiet or crowded, but it was moderate, and that’s the part that’s similar to Korea. Koreans are very optimistic and active, and the Osaka fans that we went were also active and that really reminded me of Korea.
-How was Fukuoka?
Cheondung: Since we were in Fukuoka on May 5th, there were many children that participated in the “high-5” event and they were really cute. It touched my heart to see some fans tearing up just by seeing us. The fans at Fukuoka were really kind, so I’m very thankful.
-When talking about Fukuoka, it should be about ramen.
Cheondung: I love ramen. We had to leave Fukuoka for Sapporo, so it’s disappointing that we couldn’t eat it.
-Fukuoka is the head branch of your favorite ramen shop, “Ichiran,”
Cheondung: Ahhh~(sob). But I got to eat cutlet curry so it’s ok.
-(Laugh) Ok, now about Sapporo.
Seungho: Since we visited Sapporo several times before for K-Pop festival and this tour lasted there for about three days, I felt close to the fans. I was able to meet fans who travelled to Sapporo just to see us, and I was able to show my gratitude by making it fun. Talking about it,there were many delicious food there.
-What did they eat? Ramen?
Seungho: Because we were busy, we mainly ate cutlet curry.
-Mainly cutlet curry? (laugh)
Seungho: Yep (laugh). Besides that, we ate fried Sapporo potato. I liked it.
-And now, Tokyo. Were you nervous?

G.O: There were so many people and the stage was really big, so I was nervous at first, but the fans’ cheer gave me energy. There were many different types of fan: quiet and active. Tokyo was like the 5 different cities combined.
Seungho: It was disappointing that even though there were many people, we couldn’t perform for all the fans that came (the concert audiences were chosen by drawing names/numbers).
-How was the Akasaka BLITZ’s concert stage, though the fans had to stand?
G.O: All of our events were performed in places where the fans had to stand. I felt like the fans were more active while standing, which made me feel closer to them. I also feel bad for them because they had to wait for a long time to enter, and yet they don’t have a seat.
-Which stage do you think suits you the best: stage with seats or without seats?
Seungho: Without seats (laugh).
Cheondung: While performing on stage, it is most important to have fun, so sometimes we forget it. We forget what we actually did on the stage, but we usually check it on the monitor. Still, I can’t fully remember the expressions or actions of the fans.
-If there was an amazing girl fan, would you remember her face? (laugh)
G.O: Hmmm(laugh). I can only see until the second row.
Seungho: What?! (laugh) We were able to do our best on our last day at Nagoya with all of the fans.
We checked it on your homepage
-Before the tour, you also visited Kawagoe.
Joon: Yep. It was our first event, but it was the best cheering. I was glad that the fans followed instructions and not get into panic when the MBLAQ flags were handed out. It was our first live and we were so nervous and tired, but it was fun. Though it was raining, the fans were there with umbrellas in their hands.
-What were your thoughts on all your tours?
Seungho: We were really thankful to those who continued to support us. We, members, talked over many things and how to show gratitude to all of our fans.
Joon: The “high-5” event was great. Since those kinds of events are not held in Korea, it was fun. It was fun because we got to see our fans up close.
-And the debut single, “Your Luv,” got 2nd place.
Cheondung: It was an honor to be able to receive 2nd place. It was really unbelievable that I went to the homepage several times to check on it, but I still feel like it was a dream. We will try harder to get 1st next time. I wonder how that would feel like.
Seungho: It was really an honor. Truthfully, our goal was to get 1st place, both in Korea and Japan, so it feels like we haven’t done much. We are determined to be 1st in the future.
-Thank you very much.
Asking Mir!
We even interviewed Mir, who had left for Korea before the other members because of his rehabilitation!
-How did you feel about your first tour?
Since it was the first stage after my surgery, I was nervous, but it was very fun. Even though I couldn’t join the other members in the “high-5” event, it was still fun that I was able to travel around with the others.
-Were you nervous at the all-standing stage?
At first I was nervous, but as time pass, I felt more comfortable.
-How was your first Live Event in Japan?
I was surprised and very grateful that many people were interested in us, though we were newbies.
-What was your impression of getting 2nd place in the chart?
Many people congratulated us on getting 2nd place for being a newbies. Even though it all feels like a dream, it’s all thanks to the fans! Thank you so much!
~Favorite animal?~
Seungho: “Tiger! They’re handsome” (Seungho)
Cheondung: “I like cats. They’re so loving and easy to befriend. Dogs are……kind of scary since their mouths are big (laugh)”
Joon: “I don’t have any animals that I’m scared of. But I like dogs. I don’t really have favorites, but because dogs are pure and I had a dog before, so I like it best”
G.O.: “I like crocodile. I’ve always wanted a crocodile as a pet. I heard recently that crocodiles can be tamed. I hope I can have one as a pet in my yard”
Mir: “Tategotoazarashi (Harp Seal)! I saw them on the internet and they are so cute!”
Source: PATI PATI Magazine
Credit: __mini @ Twitter
TRANSLATION: hina430@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's comment: Tiger is handsome?? LOL xDDD

[SCANS] MBLAQ in Trendy Magazine No.24

credit: peipeii + AbsoluteMBLAQ

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[MSG] SeungHo's Message at MBLAQ's Official Japanese Website - 22nd June 2011



- MBLAQ  Seung Ho-

『Hello! It's MBLAQ.』
On 6/16, we participated in a charity event that has a meaning in Japan and had a live performance at Budokan. We are really thankful that with this we received a chance to be able to perform in an event in which we were able to get energy from everyone.

Because we are also supporting, please stay strong!

Now we are busy everyday preparing for our album that is scheduled to be released in Korea.
We will also go to Japan again soon, so please wait without feeling lonely!
- MBLAQ  Seung Ho-


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[PIC] SeungHo at Sangam World Cup Stadium (part 2) - 19th June 2011

credit: as tagged ( WooriSeungho + DAYPLAY + 승호인정 + YANGSSONG)

Hannah's comment: love the 1st and 2nd pix so much..gorgeous is forever gorgeous <333

[PIC] MBLAQ for Nylon - G by Guess (HQ pictures)

credit: NYLON

Hannah's comment: first picture is forever my favourite!! love 87line so so much <333

[PIC] MBLAQ at Sangam World Cup Stadium (Part 2) - 19th June 2011

credit: as tagged ( a lucky day + GODBLESS + YANGSSONG )

Hannah's comment: love the 87line shot... and YSH smile is so sweet in most of the pictures <333