Saturday, April 30, 2011

[PIC] SeungHo at Lotte Event - 30th April 2011

SOURCE: + Bestiz + AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's comment: I didnt know they got schedule today...well to be honest I dont really know their schedule...hehe sorry...nyways YSH's hairstyle make him look baby-ish or is it just me?? hehe

[PIC] MBLAQ at KPOP Charity Concert in Bangkok - 29th April 2011

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Hannah's comment: sorry for the lack of update here in the blog...btw to Thai A+, you guys are welcome to share pix of MBLAQ in Thailand :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

[VID] MBLAQ Sesame Player Episode 8

credit: BLAQer1015 @ YT

Hannah's comment: they are so funny as always...haha I LOL so hard eventho I dont really get it..btw YSH looks really gorgeous during the fragrant the clothes he wore <33

[VID] SeungHo at Incheon airport departure to Bangkok (fancam) - 28th April 2011

credit: as tagged on the vid (Adagio Cantabile) + yangleadho @ YT

Hannah's comment: I go crazy when he waves...YSH so sweet~~~

[PIC] SeungHo at Incheon airport departure to Bangkok - 28th April 2011

Credit: Adagio Cantabile

Hannah's comment: YSH with shades is GORGEOUS.. <3333

[SCANS] SeungHo in Hot Chili Paper - May 2011

Credit: MMMA

Hannah's comment: the 1st pic is really something to die for..haha OMG look at YSH he look so so so HOT.. Totally PURE GORGEOUS AND HOTNESS!! yes Im going crazy..haha

btw this is a MUST BUY magazine (^^,)b

more scans (by __mini) after the cut!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[SCANS] MBLAQ in Hot Chili Paper - May 2011

credit: __mini

Hannah's comment: love this photoshoot..I love the theme white..the BLAQies look so fresh and yes YSH look absolutely GORGEOUS~~~

[SCANS] SeungHo in ARENA 37℃ SPECIAL Magazine


Hannah's comment: ehmagod!! that lips~~~ totally love the first pix!! YSH look super handsome..

[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweet (reply to Rain) - 27th April 2011

RT @29rain Jihoon hyung whom I respect.. I am jealous..ㅠ Our MBLAQ will work really hard to be right behind hyung!!
The seat that I've come back to since 5 years ago...I really can't express the feeling into words! Back then I thought it would be my first and last time but I came again! Would I be able to come back a few years later? Anyways every thank you I am going inside the studio now

SOURCE: Seungho's Twitter

TRANSLATION: mir-fied@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's comment: YSH's tweet is in bold...haha YSH keep confusing me... he put the RT first when replying...should we follow his style?? haha

[SCANS] MBLAQ in Junior magazine May 2011 issue

credit: bestiz + AbsoluteMBLAQ

Hannah's comment: I seriously love this photoshoot..look YSH and his aegyo everywhere...haha YSH is getting cuter and cuter every adorable...

[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweet + Picture with CheonDoong - 26th April 2011


 I'm jealous ah ah ah ah ah ah From Thunder: Yangpa noona Thank you

credit trans: ABMTWEETS

Hannah's comment: LOL!! YSH being cute?? how adorable...keke

Monday, April 25, 2011

[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweets + Picture - 25th April 2011


Shooting Sesame player right Now... Are you curious?..

Credit Trans: ABMTWEETS
RT @alphaflies How many time this to be RT? RT @MBLAQSH: RT @MBLAQGO: RT @druid2723 MBLAQ『Your Luv』release movie(R) 1st on 3 consecutive days!!! Yesssss!!

Credit Trans: ABMTWEETS
*the Indonesian trans to Eng by me..sorry not sure if its right..keke*


The fourth We Got Married couple
Credit Trans: ABMTWEETS

Hannah's comment: aww YSH is so twitter happy today..Im like seriously excited...he actually read his so happy..btw to the lucky girl congratz...hope I'll be lucky too..and about the 87 line pix..haha YSH I totally approved you and seriously