Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

[TWITTER] MBLAQ Manager Byungki’s Tweet + Pic - 21st May 2012

During Google Google interview 

source: Byungki’s twitter 
translation: baromyeha@absolutemblaq

[TWITTER] Seungho’s Tweet - 20th May 2012

I couldn’t congratulate because I was on the plane…ㅠJunha bro! Congratulation on your wedding! hope you have a son like MBLAQ and live happily♥

SOURCE: Seungho’s Twitter
Credit Trans: bcrystal89 @ twitter

[PICS] SeungHo at Incheon Airport departure to San Francisco - 20th May 2012

credit: as tagged

[PICS] SeungHo at Busan Lotte MCM Store (Part 3) - 18th May 2012

credit: wooriseungho