Monday, April 4, 2011

[RANDOM] SeungHo's hairstyle Then and Now

YSH's Hairstyle Then and Now~~

here is a compilation of YSH's hairstyle from earlier days since he debuted...

More Pictures under the cut!

the earlier days hairstyle

G.O.O.D Luv days

during Y days if Im not mistaken

and Im not sure from what era is this but yaa he look handsome with dark hair

YSH infamous Jimmy Neutron hairstyle~ haha xD

[December - 2010]
 this is forever my favourite Yang Tweety hair..Love to see him with ice-blonde hair

look so hot with strawberry blonde-ish hair colour too

[January - 2011]
 YSH with this hairstyle is so SEXY!! like seriously..this is also forever my favourite hairstyle of him

this one got a bit of JimmyNeutron-ish..hehe

[March - 2011]
golden brown-ish?
[April - 2011]
strawberry blonde-ish the colour so much <333

[May - 2011] 
golden Blonde-ish?

[June - 2011]
gorgeous BLACK hair

[July - 2011]
still black and still looking gorgeous <3

 [August - 2011]
ice-blonde Seungho is handsome! love Yang Tweety!!

[September - 2011]sexy curl + messy hair is love~

 [October - 2011]
curly+messy or straight hairstyle..our Seungho still look major hotness!

[November - 2011]

[December - 2011]

[January - 2012] 

[February - 2012]

[March - 2012]

[April - 2012]

[May - 2012]

[June - 2012]

[July - 2012]

[August - 2012]

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  1. Omg..I love you! (as a friend) you are so awesome for making this...THANK YOU!

  2. WoW !!
    So handsome 

  3. i love all his hair style..
    but i don't like his blonde hair..

  4. i love him so much..
    his spike hair make me love him more and more..

  5. hahahhaa... all kinds of hairstyles.. he can ROCK it!!! but my fave is his BLACK HAIR... so DASHING!!

  6. no matter how he looks or what his hair style is, he still looks the best to me and for me, he will always be the most handsome guy in the whole world and i don't care what others say! i just love seung ho!

  7. so handsome!!!! in whatever style...

  8. so many Seungho!!!><
    love Seungho so much!!><

  9. he can pull any hairstyle! love him! =D

  10. oh my gosh.. yeobo. look so cute. saranghae :)

  11. speechless..thanks for making his hair styles
    really love it during "again" promotions hair~
    love all actually

  12. I love Monalisa hairstyle the best...Ice-blond n Curly+messy hairstyle makes him looks absolutely cute :)
    I think Seungho changes his hairstyle the most out of the members...
    *but really miss that Monalisa hairstyle~

  13. YSH so handsome and dangerous sexy :D

  14. He looks so good with ALL the hairstyles (including the infamous Jimmie Neutron hair LOL!) I loveee his redish hair during 'Stay' period and his almost-shaved hair during 'This is War' (He looks utterly sexy with short hair)~ :3 and of course who wouldn't love his tweety hair. :p

  15. Agree with you! I totally love that January 2011 Yang leader's red brown hairstyle, looks so manly and yum2 :3 But I dislike his blonde hair xD

    lol at "infamous Jimmy Neutron hairstyle", your caption make me laugh xD and thank you so much for making this!^^ <3

  16. Agree with you! I think the best hairstyle is that January 2011 Seungho's red brown hairstyle, he looks so manly and yummy with it, yum2 :3 But I dislike his blonde hair xD

    Lol at "infamous Jimmy Neutron hairstyle" hahaha, I wonder how many hours he can keep that hairstyle when perform xD Thank you for making this! ^^ <3


  18. thanks a lot for this pict :) you so great :)