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[NEWS] MBLAQ SeungHo and G.O's New Years Greeting "At a Rabbit year, we will jump high like a rabbit"

MBLAQ's leader Seungho and main vocal G.O, who were born in rabbit year of 1987, sent
out New Year greeting to fans as the rabbit year of 2011 approaches.

Seungho first revealed "At a new year, our first full album will be out. We are confident
that we will not disappoint fans as much as we worked hard on it for a long time. Since
this year is a rabbit year, MBLAQ and I will work harder to jump higher."

He also said "Please like MBLAQ's new songs and love me a lot too. Happy New Year.".

G.O. also sent out the greeting.
He said "We filmed a music video for the title song of first full album until the
last day of 2010. I have a good feeling about it since we did our best to complete
a filming of the music video without losing a laughter at the all-night filming.".

He also left a New Year greeting by saying "At 2011, we will be more active by revealing
our first full album and entering Japan. Treasure MBLAQ and Happy New Year.".

MBLAQ who revealed a 1st teaser video which showed out members' crying through major
websites at 29th will reveal 'Cry' music video and music between two title songs at January 3rd 11 a.m. at the
same time.

Source:TV Daily
Translated and reupload by: seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack
Shared by : JoongHana @ Hannah (StarLoveSunshine - Y.S.H)
Hannah's Comments: Im looking forward for MBLAQ 1st album..anticipating them more and more everyday..btw to YSH, sunshine I will LOVE YOU MORE than a lot...hehe

Thursday, December 30, 2010

[CAP] SeungHo at SBS Gayo Daejun - 29th Dec 2010


*Oh that eyes*

Credit: aianeBlaq @ ABM (AbsoluteMBLAQ)
Shared by: JoongHana @ Hannah (StarLoveSunshine - Y.S.H)

Hannah's Comments: YSH look super HOT with that hairstyle..I LOVE LOVE LOVE! btw sorry that there's not much update here..been busy for new year :)

[PIC] SeungHo endorsing Roll Lips Beanie

Roll Lips Beanie! xD

Source: Roll Lips
Credit: aianeBlaq @ ABM (AbsoluteMBLAQ) + JoongHana @ Hannah (StarLoveSunshine - Y.S.H)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweet Selca with Thunder - 29th Dec 2010


"Bad Student"

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Hannah's Comments: Ok Im so slow..I just realise YSH's hairstyle..OMG!! Ive wished for him to have this kind of hairstyle before and my wish been granted!! I am forever happy!! EHMAGOD..I LOVE HIM MORE..btw YSH thanx for tweeting with simple korean...haha translating this with my limited korean

[CAP] SeungHo in MBLAQ 1st Album teaser


Caps by JoongHana @ Hannah ( StarLoveSunshine - Y.S.H)

Hannah's Randomness: when I watch the teaser..Im focusing on his lips..its so attractive...I want to kiss that lips..haha *gets kicked*

[PIC] MBLAQ 1st Album Jacket Teaser



 Hannah's Comment: YSH you look so fine..I love love love~

[TWITTER] SeungHo reply to Mir - 28th Dec 2010

aww our Sunshine was nervous..same goes to me..
I cant breathe while waiting for the teaser...

Trans :

"Start from hyung and help calm me down.."

Trans by Absolute MBLAQ Twitter
Shared by JoongHana @ Hannah ( StarLoveSunshine - Y.S.H)

Hannah's Comment: I'll edit this post again later

[VID] MBLAQ 1st Album Teaser #1 - 29th Dec 2010

MBLAQ 1st Album teaser #1 is out! and EHMAGOD...IT SO COOL!!!

Credit: jtunecamp @ YT

Hannah's Comment: Its really cool..I love it...this concept is daebak...YSH look so awesome...and yes YOU MAKE ME CRY! *LOL*...Im looking forward for more...

Monday, December 27, 2010

[VID] MBLAQ Delights VSCOOP - Interview

For English subs go HERE
Credit: VScoop @ YT  

Hannah's Comment: I LOVE the way YSH look at Mir!! and I so miss his Ice blonde hair..he look totally HOT!! YSH you are forever Yang Tweety to me! LOL btw G.O is so adorkable..all of them actually..hehe :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

[RANDOM] The music SeungHo listening to recently - Ab Fab by Trio Töykeät

In Pati Pati Interview SeungHo have mentioned that he recently listening music by Trio Töykeät - Ab Fab..honestly I only know them after SeungHo mention it..keke I dont know much...then Ive searched about  Trio Töykeät - Ab Fab on Youtube and found the vid below..OMG I love it...the music is so nice and bias but its really cool..thanx to YSH for introducing this music...hope you will cover this music..Im sure it will be awesome~

here is what SeungHo been listening to Trio Töykeät - Ab Fab  

Credit: pianogreg91 @ YT

[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweets - 22 Dec 2010

"Producer-nim YoungShik Hyung….The number 1 engineer…"
SOURCE: SeungHo’s Twitter
TRANSLATION: drayco-nim@AbsoluteMBLAQ

[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ for Pati Pati Unpublished Q&A (Web Version)

Q01 What was your dream when you were a kid?
[G.O] I switched from being a basketball player to singer (Actually I’m not good at playing basketball)
[Joon] Actor
[Seungho] Programmer
[Cheondoong] Soccer player, manga artist
[Mir] Orchard president

Q02 If you did not become a musician what would you be?
[G.O] Father of an ordinary family
[Joon] An ordinary company employee
[Seungho] Machine related occupation
[Cheondoong] Composer
[Mir] Orchard president

Q03 Any jinx only for yourself?
[G.O] When I’m not doing things as usual some small problems happen
[Joon] None
[Seungho] None
[Cheondoong] None
[Mir] None

Q04 Who is your rival?
[G.O] Rain (Bi) hyung
[Joon] Myself
[Seungho] All singers
[Cheondoong] Myself
[Mir] All currently existing singers

Q05 Your nickname is? (And the reason)
[G.O] Teol (hair) G.O (Because I had moustache as the concept for my debut……)
[Joon] Little Fox (Rain’s nickname is Fox so mine is Little Fox……)
[Seungho] Yang Song (Because my real name Yang Seungho sounds like that when one says it quickly)
[Cheondoong] Gaeddongie (The nickname was given by my parents because they wanted me to grow faster)
[Mir] Bang Ahji (Like a puppy running about)

Q06 The thing you would definitely do before a live performance is?
[G.O] Stretch my fingers
[Joon] Eat
[Seungho] Relax
[Cheondoong] Eat delicious food
[Mir] Take a deep breath

Q07 Your theme song of today is?
[G.O] Tiffany’s “Na Hon Ja Seo” (By Myself)
[Joon] INDIA.ARIE “The Heart of the Matter”
[Seungho] Trio Toykeat “Ab Fab”
[Cheondoong] RainBi”MOVE ON”
[Mir] MBLAQ “Y”

Q08 The first thing you would do when you get up early in the morning is?
[G.O] Stretching
[Joon] Drinking water
[Seungho] Play music
[Cheondoong] Rub my eyes
[Mir] Drink water

Q09 The food you like is?
[G.O] Korean cuisine and beef
[Joon] None
[Seungho] Pork cutlet
[Cheondoong] Meat
[Mir] Dak-bokkeumtang (Chicken stir-fry)

Q10 The food you dislike is?
[G.O] Fish
[Joon] None
[Seungho] None
[Cheondoong] Vegetables
[Mir] Pork cutlet

Thursday, December 23, 2010

[TWITTER] Shin Yongshik Tweets About SeungHo - 22nd Dec 2010

Seungho look so fine in the and red as usual..

Seungho’s Pro Tools* skills are improving every day!!
He can balance and do editing now…

He might even record himself on the next album!!
*Pro Tools is an audio program

Source: Shin Yongshik’s twitter
Trans by : & ☆
Shared by: Hannah @ StarLoveSunshine - Y.S.H

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Monday, December 20, 2010

[TRANS] MBLAQ for Pati Pati - Interview and 24 Q&As


How did you feel when you debut in Korea?

[GO] I was vervous when debuted in Korea but now. We’ve gained wide experience and come to make few mistakes on stage.Also we have prepared completely, so have confidence now.

Have you give a performance in Japan?

[Seungho] Due to belong to the same office as Rain,we’ve taken part in his live and fanmeeting in Japan.And saw Japanese fans then.

-Whats is the beginning of MBLAQ?

[Seungho] Each of us applied for an audition and then met in trainee days.The members were changed but I think we are completed together now.

[GO] We are all type A, and alike in our characters.So we’ve got along well as if we were real brothers.

- What was the most interesting thing on this visit to Japan?

[GO] Whatever, food or something.

[Seungho] It was so good for me to do half-body bathing in hotel in the morning.Actually we don’t have enough time in the morning in korea because live in a hostel together.

[Joon] We have taken Japanese lessons on this visit, I think it was nice that our willing attitude toward it.

[Mir] When I went to Yamada Denki(electric appliance shop) aith Seungho, I was surprised at the size of it and a large number of stuff they had.

[Cheondoong] Ramen shop!As for the one we went to, there were partitions on table, so we had separarate space to eat in.Besides there was pet shop downstairs, I saw so cute a monkey there, which made me want to have lol

lol. So far which have you put a greater effort into dancing or singing?

[Joon] As for me, dancing:singing = 4:6 because it was more mortifying to be said ‘You guys are poor at singing’ than to be said ‘You guys are poor at dancing’.

[Seungho] Our producer advised me that if i would not work hard 120% both on dancing and singing, i could not do it 100%.So I engraved it on my mind, and made it a rule in order to give the best performance.

Lastly, please give a message readers of Pati Pati?

[Joon] Because of language barriers I can’t communicate with Japanese fans now,though, I’ll study harder to break it.I’d like to communicate with you guys.

[GO] (in Japanese) I’ll make an effort everyday, so please support us.

[Seungho] We’ve prepared for our comeback in Korea, I’ll work hard to make it help our activity in Japan.

[Mir] In spite of we haven’t debuted in Japan yet, thank you for your support.I’ll work hard, so please keep on supporting us.

[Cheondoong] We are get gressed cool and give a live in Tokyo Dome oneday, please look forward~lol

Saturday, December 18, 2010

[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweets - back after 27 days! - 18th Dec 2010

SeungHo finally tweeted after 27 days..I was so happy when I saw his tweets..hehe

"I am the one in the red checkered hoodie hoohoot.."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

[PIC] SeungHo at Chapstick Music Party - 15th Dec 2010

[VID] SeungHo at Chapstick Music Party (Fancam) - 15th Dec 2010

SeungHo change his hair colour? 

aww I still love his icy-yellow blonde hair..but hehe this orangey-strawberry blonde is love too tho..

Credit: as tagged + mblaqattack4 @ YT

More under the cut..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[VID] MBLAQ Interview by ScanationSG

This is the best interview ever..they are all very dorky..haha CUTE! SeungHo looks so gorgeous here..he and his blonde hair is so OMG! HOT~


G.O's laughter was so epic..and OMG Chili Clap??its Chili Crab laa..haha you are funny G.O..Mir was so funny too..Visual Man,Beautiful Face! haha...I so love this interview...

Credit: scanatianSG @YT

Monday, December 13, 2010

[VID] SeungHo playing piano compilation

His piano skill is one of the reason why I like SeungHo so much..I always adores a guy who can play piano and OMG he plays awesomely! I go head over heels when I first watched the vid of him playing the piano..awesome awesome awesome..

so here is an awesome vid of Seungho playing piano compilation 

credit: 91connie @ YT

Friday, December 10, 2010

[PIC] SeungHo and G.O spotted outside - 9th Dec 2010

SeungHo and G.O was spotted after eating at a restaurant.

Credit: As tagged + AbsoluteMBLAQ 

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The 1st post...

Hello, Welcome to StarLoveSunshine - Y.S.H. 
This is a blog for spazzing and sharing everything about MBLAQ Leader Yang Seung Ho. This site is currently still under constructions and there's not much yet. I will probably start to post from the latest and upcoming news about Seungho and anything related with him (MBLAQ). 
reasons for making this blog is to share news,info etc about SeungHo another reason is because SeungHo is AWESOME! (^ ^,)v

So thats about it..hehe I hope many SeungHo lovers will visit this blog and spazz together~