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[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweet + Selca - 29th Nov 2011

Good Bye Las Vegas~~ Hello Korea!!

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[MSG] SeungHo's Message Trans For Season Greetings 2012

Have a happy new year,

Always have daebak with whatever you do,

Stay healthy and strong,

And we will become a more experienced, more handsome, and more pleasant MBLAQ.

-Yang Seungho-

I love you and thank you A+.

Source: MGMBLAQ @ twitter.com
Translated: yangtweety@mblaqattack.net

[PIC] MBLAQ at Billboard KPOP Masters Concert in Las Vegas (Part 2) - 25th Nov 2011

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credit: rainonme @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

[PIC] MBLAQ at Billboard KPOP Masters concert Red Carpet in Las Vegas (Part 2) - 25th Nov 2011

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credit: rainonme @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ in Hallyu Pia (Dec. Issue)

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Our chic feeling as well as our bright feeling
Both are our true appearance

If you are bitten once, you can’t leave again…… It is MBLAQ that has landed in Japan this Spring as the strongest vampires. With their debut single “Your Luv” in May they achieved a good result as the 2nd place on Oricon. With their chic style in Korea and refreshing J-POP in Japan, they do activities as they change their styles in Japan and Korea. They don’t have a break in both countries, and they who show their multifaceted charm are approaching.

We are not changing our style
It is a part we have

—-It’s a great result that you got the 2nd place on Oricon at your debut without knowing.
G.O “Yes. It’s a result out of our expectation and we were very happy. We were also able to get the 2nd place with “Baby U!” this time. However, we think that next time we will work harder and want to aim at the 1st place.”

—-When you debuted in May, you had stayed in Japan for about 1 month for promotion. What is the difference between the promotions in Japan and Korea?
Seungho “The promotions in Korea focus on interviews and music shows, so there are not many chances to be able to meet our fans. However, in Japan we directly come in contact at high touch meetings, mini-live, etc., and there are events that show our live stages. I think those parts are different.”

—-Which did you enjoy?
Joon “High touch (with a smile)! I enjoyed the behavior of touching. Moreover, there were people who cried aloud when meeting me. I was shocked, but happy.”

—-Your new song “Baby U!” has been released. After “Your Luv,” as you released your 3rd mini album “Mona Lisa” in Korea, you held your first solo concert in Seoul in August and have an image of doing activities all the time, but were they produced without your notice?
Mir “Ahaha, we were surely busy (laugh). We debuted in Japan in May and started to prepare when we were doing our activities in Japan. when we finished our activities in Korea, we started our practice for “Baby U!”

—-What kind of song is “Baby U!”?
G.O “I think it’s a song with which people can feel close to us. We use words like “omae” (“you” in less formal form) but not “anata” (“you” in more formal form), and the distance between each other is closer than “Your Luv.” I wonder if they will feel that we are like their boyfriend.”

—-Cheondung, you participated into writing the lyrics, didn’t you?
Cheondung “At the beginning when I discussed about the division of the rap parts with Mir, Mir challenged rapping in Japanese and I proposed to the producer whether I could try to do the lyrics and my solo parts originally. I was happy that I was granted the chance.”
Mir “First, I recorded a bit of my rap parts in Japan. A little later I did the finishing recording in Korea, but at that time when I went to the studio and listened to the song, my part was replaced by Cheondung’s part. Although it’s because Cheondung is good at rap making, I also felt a bit regrettable…… (laugh). However, I think because it was Cheondung who worked hard, such an awesome song was completed.”
—-Concretely speaking how did you participate?
Cheondung “When consulting with the staff in various way. I think that the feeling and inspiration of the time are important when writing lyrics.”

—-”Baby U!” became the opening song of the anime “Beelzebub.” Mir who likes anime, please tell us your thoughts.
Mir “I’ve read the manga of “Beelzebub” in Korea. I heard that it will become an anime, but I also didn’t think that MBLAQ will sing that main theme. As I read a lot of mangas, it’s really the first time that I got praised like this (laugh).”
G.O “I guess it’s not a praise (laugh). Isn’t it Gundam lately?”
Mir “It’s Evangelion!”

—-The coupling song “Again” is a great ballad. Text messaging appears in the song, but approximately how many texts do you send out in a day?
G.O “When there’s a lot there are about 200 texts. There’s a lot of texts about work. However, ‘How is that?’ ‘It’s like this.’ ‘I see.’ There has been 3 texts like this only, right? There’s a lot of short texts.”

—-Joon, you didn’t have a cellphone, did you?
Joon “Ah~ There were times when I didn’t have it, but now I do. I send out countless texts. I sent them out even when I’m sleeping (laugh).”

—-You also held release events in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo this time.
Joon “I enjoyed it very much and felt all of our fans’ love.”
Mir “I went on stage after I’ve high touched a lot of people, so it was a bit difficult. However, we sang only 3 songs and that’s too bad.”

—-I feel that the high-pitched cheer of MBLAQ’s fans is loud when compared to other groups……
Seungho “It’s because the ones who cheer loudly will be chosen in the audition. If you can’t reach above a certain level you can’t join our fanclub (laugh).” (Of course it is a joke)

—-You are doing activities with J-POP style music in Japan.
Seungho “I think that there’s no such thing as differences between K-POP and J-POP. MBLAQ have only been doing charismatic performances with chicness in Korea. As for Japan, we hope that we can do performances that have a bright and refreshing feeling. I think our fans in Japan are also seeing our activities in Korea and we wanted to show a different appearance in Japan.

—-You don’t feel uncomfortable doing activities while changing your style in Japan and Korea?
Seungho “Rather than changing our style, I think it’s a part we have originally. How to express that? It’s only that the way of expression is different according to the song, and the chic feeling as well as the bright feeling are both our appearances.”
G.O “We are not particularly aware of it. We just follow the image of the songs. We comprehend the songs, and grasping the true nature of the songs and what kind of things that we want to sing is important. From that we make our image.”

[SCANS] MBLAQ in ODINA Magazine - (December 2011 Issue)

credit: natumblaq

[PIC] Seungho + Joon + Thunder’s High Cut B-cut

source: http://luxmin.blog.me/20144466500