Saturday, March 31, 2012

[NEWS] MBLAQ members are focusing on their studies during their time off

Idol group MBLAQ recently updated their fans, letting them know what they were up to as of late.

MBLAQ who appear to be focusing on their studies like their college student peers wrote, “You can stop worrying about us a bit! Until we return, please do not let your eyes wander, and we hope all of our A+ can become studious students like us.”

Members Seungho and Lee Joon who are studying Information & Communications at Kyunghee Cyber University have often been spotted carrying around their laptops, catching lectures online.

According to a statement from their agency J. Tune Camp, “We have always adjusted plans for their activities, accommodating unexpected circumstances, but in the last half of the year, we want to make sure the boys will be taking enough time off to take care of their health, grow as individuals and also take time to study.”

As of now, the boys are taking some well-deserved time off to recharge, and are focusing on planning their various individual activities.

Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[PICS] SeungHo at MBLAQ's Mini Fanmeeting (Part 5) - 25th March 2012

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[NEWS] MBLAQ, “A group that can transform into a variety of colors, there’s none other than us”

I met with the colorful charismatic MBLAQ. Lately with the follow up song “Run” to their fourth mini-album’s “This is War,” their popularity continued. Even in this album they showed without exception explosive dance skills and charisma on stage.

Having met on set, they didn’t lose their fresh energy. Even though they seemed very tired from follow up song promotional schedules, they talked much. From Mir who sang loudly along with songs, Seungho who carried a camera and was absorbed in taking pictures, Lee Joon who displayed his variety image throughout the interview and achieved 100% synchronization, Cheondung who has a good and pure spirit, up to romantic guy G.O who commits everything to a girlfriend. They shared many playful comments with the staff, leading the onsite atmosphere and allowing us to realistically talk with the idol group that’s been the latest trend.

In 2009 MBLAQ emerged to the scene as the group created by singer Rain. Through 3 years of various activities, they found their unique color.

“Running diligently with “Run””
On the day of the first broadcast of their follow up song “Run,” leader Seungho, because of a back injury during rehearsals, was rushed to the emergency room. “The choreography practice was finished for the first broadcast but because I got hurt, I was very upset. In the 2 week gap watching the other members’ hardships, my heart felt uneasy and it was very hard.” (Seungho)

“Seungho hyung seemed sad. For the stage he prepared very hard but he’s unable to show it. On the other hand I’m jealous of hyung who can sleep (laughs) But I’m glad that he’s recovering fast.” (Lee Joon)

[TWITTER] SeungHo's Tweet - 27th March 2012

Final farewell..Lauren Bye...