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[ENDORSE] Seungho Endorsing Lacoste

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[TWITTER] JTBC Idol Premier's Tweets - 29th Feb 2012

00:32 KST
천둥:아저씨 여기 자리있어요? 이날 내내 카메라 귀신같이 잘 찾던 승호군! @MBLAQSH #mblaq
[Trans] Thunder: Hey mister, is this seat occupied? Seungho-goon finds the camera well like a ghost throughout the day! @MBLAQSH #mblaq

01:00 KST
[3월2일방송] 애기인형을 업으랬더니 포대기가 불편하자 안주머니에 넣으려는 승호군. 공감가는 미르 천둥 표정 #애가지갑이냐 @MBLAQSH #mblaq
[Trans] [March 2nd airing] We asked to have a baby doll tied to their back but Seungho tries to put it in his inside pocket because of baby blanket's inconvenience. Mir and Thunder's facial expressions show sympathy #The baby is the wallet? @MBLAQSH #mblaq

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[MAG] MBLAQ in Magazine Japan

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[PICS] Seungho at Hello Baby Recording

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[PIC] Seungho Endorsing BON.g-floor

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[PIC] SeungHo with Running Man VJ

[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ Interview on Inkigayo Magazine (Feb. Issue)

The Strong, They Name Is MBLAQ
A bird is the freest and most beautiful when it is flying. On their almost 4-minutes stage where their splendid performance catches people’s eyes, MBLAQ flaps their most splendid wings. The anger of a man whose lover was snatched away by his closest friend! A humanly and realistic affair rooted with love and betrayal. The five men of MBLAQ who made their comeback with the title song “This Is War” of their fourth mini album <100% Ver.> are all gloomy and have a strong appearance, but the color filling inside of them became rich enough for admiration. They became strong to the extent that absolutely no explanation is necessary, so don’t thoughtlessly turn upon them who came back! Since for this to be called MBLAQ’s 100% there are still all too many things that can be anticipated from them, deciding between victory and defeat is a job of that time.
“(Although I don’t know if that period of time has been long or short) they became the MBLAQ that never lands. One phrase that member Lee Joon mentioned in Mnet’s “MIC” interview recently defines MBLAQ at the moment. It has been the 3rd year since MBLAQ started to wing and fly. It is not a flight depicting a perfect parabola in one stroke, but they are drawing a long one. They fly without even resting for once and with patience. It has been a long time but they have not even rested formally for once. We can say that MBLAQ who cannot try to sit “is a bird that does not land.” While constantly flapping their wings they are like a bird wanting to fly higher and further. MBLAQ that has come to the 3rd year since debut before one knows has grown into occupying global idols who go beyond Korea to Japan’s Oricon chart through their activities of one full-length album and four mini albums after they debuted in October 2009. Their fourth mini album <100% Ver.> released on January 10 is filled with MBLAQ’s pride and expresses that they came back arming themselves with a powerful and majestic appearance in all aspects of completion level, satisfaction level and self-confidence. At the same time when the title song “This Is War” was revealed, they did not only get the 1st place of searched keyword on various portal sites but also secured the 1st place on digital charts. While they were receiving favorable reviews saying they are a group that absolutely found their unique musical color, their comeback rose up into a hot issue. It is MBLAQ that came back as five men who are strong like eagles soaring high while dreaming of a perfect flight. The main vocal G.O with superb singing ability, Cheondung whose self-composed songs are not to be negligent and possesses infinite musical possibility, Mir who gradually shows a blasting growth in his increasing rapping ability, Lee Joon who is in charge of performance and works hard attentively and Seungho who is grasping the center firmly in his leader’s seat are once again writing down MBLAQ’s ontology which is constantly in the middle of growing in all aspects through 100% Ver. this time. They have become to feel the self-confidence and dignity on the stage of MBLAQ who does music that matches themselves, and with completely MBLAQ style’s music they now have built a territory that only belongs to them who cannot be reached. There is no doubt that the music of MBLAQ who overwhelmingly wins listeners over while being splendid and strong is songs that make them have a new sense of anticipation every time.
Through the title song “This Is War” in which the determination of MBLAQ expressing their ultimate was incorporated, their breath is 100 Ver. in the depths of tragedy and all of their energy is poured out. Really, who is the winner of this war?

Through this album MBLAQ members’ musical color became more distinct, and I think when we are trying out new performances that we couldn’t try previously our statistics get improved gradually. In the 100% of this album’s completion level and pride I think a part of it is that our hard work is a big help.

[PICS] MBLAQ at JTBC Idol Premier Recording

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