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[PIC] Seungho at Lotte Event (Part 4) - 26th Feb 2011

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Hannah's Comment: I love to see YSH's eyes..

[INTERVIEW] SeungHo part on MBLAQ for Crea Star Magazine translation

- How’s the dorm life?
We recently hung and decorated a wind protection sheet that we bought from the hardware store in front of our place. We also received a yellow color moon shaped stand from our Japanese fans. But because it uses 110 volts (Korea is 220), we had to buy a voltage converter from the hardware store, for we didn’t have one at home. It gives off a heartwarming feel.

- When do you feel that you’re the best and coolest?
The moment I awaken from my sleep, I don’t know why but I feel a little worn out. At the moment I think I look my coolest (laughs)

[The dorm exudes a warm feeling!]

- Do tell us, who MBLAQ is close friends with in other girl and boy groups?
I’m close to Gyuri from Kara, for she is my junior (hoobae) from school, as for 87er friends, they are Fei from missA and I’m really close to Seulong from 2AM.

- How did you meet 2AM’s Seulong?
Seulong and I are the same ages. We’ve had oversea public performance together before. We were placed in the same room and talked started talking to each other. We’ve become close because Seulong and I are kindred spirits. We are so close we share secrets with one another.

- How do you spend your time when there’s no schedule?
I’ll take lessons, meet up with my family, go to the cinema and eat out with the other members or meet up with my schoolmates from before my debut.

Credits to 그레이with준 @ Bestiz
Translation: lucifer, claydoll★, naoki @ Absolute MBLAQ

Hannah's Comment: LMAO..I would love to see your face when you wake up then YSH..since you feel that you look the best...keke...and oh wow..I would love to go to the cinema with you YSH or lets just go food hunting at some cool restaurant...haha

[VID] SeungHo at Lotte Event Fancams - 26th Feb 2011

credit: as tagged on the video + ( wasser00000 + msshady02 + yangleadho @ YT )

Hannah's comment: watching all the fancams makes me blush..haha as if YSH is in front of I guess that will happen if I meet YSH in person...haha blushing!

[PIC] Seungho at Lotte Event (Part 3) - 26th Feb 2011

OMG...Baby-ish YSH~~~
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[NEWS] MBLAQ’s Yang Seungho, Who Is Learning How To Compose, Has A Dongsaeng That Looks, “Exactly like him.”

MBLAQ’s Seungho, who is learning how to compose, has a dongsaeng that looks “exactly like him”

Group MBLAQ’s Yang Seungho’s twin dongsaeng revealed for the first time.

During MBC variety “Bouquet” which was broadcasted in the morning on February 27th, MBLAQ’s Yang Seungho performed with his dongsaeng Yang Seunghoon, attracting a lot of attention.

Especially their twin looks attracted many eyes, Yang Seungho said, “When we were young, we didn’t look alike, however, as we grow older, the more we look like each other.” “As we went to the same hair salon, in the end, because of our hairstyles, we look more like one another.”

On that day, when the information of dongsaeng Yang Seunghoon being a music major was revealed, their family got the name of “Music Family”.

At the same time, hyung’s bad habit, “When he was sleeping, he tend to talk like the words are travelling into your ears” was also revealed, bringing lots of laughter to the recording.

On the other hand, on that day, MBLAQ’s G.O’s younger noona Jung Hye Yoon, who has yet to get married, and his older noona’s two twin sons also attended the show, showing how close their whole family is.

Source: Newsen
Translated/Reuploaded: 기적♥ @

Hannah's Comment: YSH and SeungHoon really look alike..but to me YSH is more Baby-ish an look younger hehe...they are not twin btw..this article are kinda confusing..

[PIC] SeungHo at Lotte Event (Part 2) - 26th Feb 2011

OHMAIGHAT YSH...You are so Precious~~
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[NEWS] MBLAQ Seungho’s Dongsaeng & G.O’s Noona First Time Attending Variety Show Prove Their, “Advantageous Genes”

MBLAQ Seungho’s dongsaeng and G.O’s noona first time attending variety show prove their “advantageous genes”

Group MBLAQ’s Seungho’s dongsaeng and G.O’s noona attended MBC “Bouquet” which was broadcasted on the 27th; showing their charisma.

On that day, G.O’s noona Jung Hye Yoon doesn’t look nervous even though it’s her first time attending shows, not only that, G.O’s twin nephews also brought lots of fun and energy to the recording.

Seungho’s dongsaeng Yang Seunghoon is a music major and his look, which is almost the same as Seungho, attracted a lot of attention. Although it was also the first time Seungho’s dongsaeng attended a variety show, he showed no nervousness in his facial expressions, Seunghoon revealed his hyungs sleeping habits, bringing lots of laughter to the recording.

Source: osen
Translated/Reuploaded: 기적♥ @

Hannah's Comment: G.O's nephew is so cute in the picture playing with YSH?? keke so sweeet and cute~~

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[PIC] SeungHo at Lotte Event - 26th Feb 2011

YSH Angel~~~
Credit: as tagged ( Adagio Cantabile )

Hannah's Comment: YSH with white outfit is so gorgeous..he looks like Angel...
Thanx to Adagio Cantabile for all the gorgeous pictures of YSH :)

[VID] SeungHo the God of Eating

Eat..Eat and Eat~~~
Credit: yangleadho @ YT

Hannah's Comment: Ive already ate my lunch..but looking at YSH eating makes me hungry..LOL...YSH eating face is just so precious..I would love to see it live..keke

[VID] SeungHo at BBS Live fancam - 26th Feb 2011

credit: as tagged on the vid + wasser00000 @ YT

Hannah's comment: YSH with white outfit is gorgeous..but hehe he's wearing the black plain tee again...nyways guys,update in this blog today will be very slow..there's tons pictures from this event..and from other show...will share it later...

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[VID] SeungHo singing cuts at Director's Cut

Credit: yangleadho @ YT

Hannah's comment: YSH's voice~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


[VID] SeungHo at Music Bank - Again rehearsal (fancam) - 25th Feb 2011

credit: wasser00000 @ YT

Hannah's Comment: LOL YSH face!! haha only one expression...he look moody...If I see him like that in person I think I will cry...the expression are kinda scary...but for this one..hehe the face suits the theme of the songs..well still to me YSH look moody?? ok maybe its just me..but one thing for sure he must be very exhausted..

[PIC] SeungHo at God of Cookery - Part 3

Credit: as tagged + fuckyeahmblaq @ tumblr

Hannah's Comment: awww I wanna feed YSH too...come to my house YSH...I will give you lots of food...hehe

[VID] SeungHo at God Of Cookery cuts

credit: aianehae2 @ YT

Hannah's Comment: LOL at the 2nd vid..YSH was eating and then talk with food still in his mouth..that is so YSH...btw this are only cuts I found so far...will share if I found more..

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[VID] SeungHo at M CountDown (fancam) - 24th Feb 2011


Credit: wasser00000 @ YT

Hannah's Comment: YSH never forget to lick his lips..OMAIGHAT YSH you are killing me...hehe Im not usually like this but seriously YSH you make me want to kiss you...LOL xD

[PIC] SeungHo at Daegu University Event - 23rd Feb 2011

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[PIC] SeungHo at Gimpo airport (Part 2) - 21st Feb 2011

Credit: as tagged ( Adagio Cantabile )

Hannah's Comment: GORGEOUS YSH GORGEOUS...

[PIC] SeungHo at MCountDown - 24th Feb 2011

Credit: as tagged ( Adagio Cantabile + Woori Seungho )

Hannah's Comment: YSH seriously look it just me to feel like that?? hehe Im loving the hair colour..YSH we are so connected...same hair colour! oh yeah~~~
nyways thank you to Adagio Cantabile and Woori Seungho for this awesome pictures..

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[TWITTER] SeungHo tweet selca with Mir - 24th Feb 2011

after 10 days...
" Double Rapper "
*Ssang can mean twin, pair, double

Hannah's Comment: I love it...when YSH back on twitter he always post a picture of his gorgeous self..I wish him to post a selca of him smiling brightly like sunshine...pretty please post it YSH dear~~~ hehe

[CAP] SeungHo at Arirang Pops in Seoul

credit: bestiz
shared by: popcorn07 + liliceprincess @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
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Hannah's Comment: is it just me or YSH look so BABY-ish...hehe should I start calling him baby?? haha *Im so cheesy* 
btw I love YSH in this show..he's so cute...should watch it again..hehe Ive been busy..when I watch this I was busy~~~~